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Do something good, donate today!
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Recycle Your Flash Drives For A Good Cause

Join the masses who are looking to do something productive with their old and unwanted USB flash drives.

Donate your USB flash drive and turn it into a Portable Learning center for youngsters between 5-12 years of age.

RecycleUSB has teamed with Sugar Labs, an award winning learning platform, to recycle USB drives into a standalone computer system which can run from any computer.

Don’t throw away those flash drives – donate them!  Take a minute to explore this site and you’ll quickly realize there is a new way to Recycle USB drives.

The New Way To Recycle

Donate your unwanted USB flash drive to Sugar Labs... There are plenty of good reasons. Start Recycling Today! Learn more...

Donate Vs. Recycle

Not much value in the components of a Flash Drive. It's better to donate it, than trash it. Here's why...

What Is Sugar?

A computer environment which runs from a USB stick. A standalone solution customized for youngesters to learn inertactively. Sugar Labs Strawberry release Learn More...

Download Some Sugar

Sugar LabsSugar on a Stick is a Portable Learning Platform which runs off a USB stick. Try it now - Click to download.
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All donations go to Sugar Labs, a non-profit .org
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