Dignity Freedom Network Sets the Bar for This Month’s Flash Drive Recycling Donations

Thank you everyone for this month’s donated USB flash drives. We received two packages via FedEx and you really don’t need to send the USB flash drives to Recycle USB by that shipping method. Of course this is your choice, but this is an expensive way to ship. There is no rush because once the drives are received, they are put into a bin for erasing of data, formatting, then read/write testing for quality control – making sure the drives work properly. The USB drives can sit in a bin for up-to a month before you begin the work… so there is no need to rush USB drives.

Big thanks to the following:

  • Lydia Richard – Nashville, TN
  • Gary Lerude – Nashua, NH
  • Cheryl – Stillwater, MN
  • Chun Yung – Deep River, CT
  • Meredith Slifkin – Somerville, MA
  • Goertzel Family – Bellevue, WA
  • S. Wong – Chappaqua, NY
  • Justin Matthews – Salinas, CA
  • Whartan Family – Dallas, TX
  • ?? – San Gabriel, CA
  • Dignity Freedom Network – Nampa, ID. These folks set the bar for the number of USB flash drives sent in and donated for USB recycling. You can see from the picture below, the three stacks in the back of the red bin, are what Dignity Freedom Network sent in – probably 75-100 flash drives. Dignity Freedom Network also sent a very nice letter explaining what their organization does – honorable work for sure! Thank you.

dignity freedom network donates USB flash drives for USB recycling

dignity freedom network - what we do

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All donations go to Sugar Labs, a non-profit .org
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