USB Donations, Listed by State – Thanks Everyone

It is interesting to receive donated USB flash drives and where they’ve come from. It is clear this website finds people from all over the world. Most donations come from people inside the United States and we can only assume that is related to the inexpensive shipping cost to send us recycled flash drives.

For this round of postings to say thank you, we used chatGPT to insert the state bird for the associated location of those who donated. A lot of interesting bird names, most of which we are not familiar with. If you have donated and interested to hear your state’s bird name, look no further!

free flash drives

These free flash drives are donated to help kids in need of portable computers in the form of a computer stick.

  • Ursell – Katy, TX (Northern Mockingbird)
  • Nathan Sobczak – Elma, NY (Eastern Bluebird)
  • M Clark – Orinda, CA (California Quail) *Mentionable: Once and For All (
  • Unknown – Munster, IN (Northern Cardinal)
  • Nathan Roaih – Reno, NV (Mountain Bluebird)
  • Naomi Ford – Mansfield, CT (American Robin)
  • Chris Rawlings – Cambridge, UK
  • Chris McGunnigle – Hackettstown, NJ (Eastern Goldfinch)
  • Unknown – Pittsford, NY (Eastern Bluebird)
  • Tim Huans – Oakland, CA (California Quail)
  • Gretchen Kunkel – Akron, OH (Northern Cardinal) *Mentionable: GHK Consulting (
  • Ashley Crowe – Montgomery, AL (Yellowhammer)
  • Katherine Rodeghier – Western Springs, IL (Northern Cardinal) *Mentionable: Freelance Photographer and Writer
  • Sherry Woolridge – Pageton, WV (Northern Cardinal)
  • Sarice Jaehn – Cardiff, CA (California Quail)
  • Judith Labounty – Fort Smith, AR (Northern Mockingbird)
  • Gogley – Oviedo, FL (Northern Mockingbird)
  • F Henry – Boston, MA (Black-capped Chickadee)
  • Janet Williams – Fenton, MO (Eastern Bluebird)
  • Ursell – Katy, TX (Northern Mockingbird)
  • The Binyamins – Bronx, NY (Eastern Bluebird)
  • Chris Ball – Matthews, NC (Northern Cardinal)
  • Makamae Edayan – Kapaau, HI (Hawaiian Nene)
  • Michelle Long – Bridgeville, PA (Eastern Bluebird)
  • Unknown – Salira, CA (California Quail)

The other reason we listed the state bird after each donar’s location, is that we find it challanging to simply re-write the same “thank you” each month for all the donations… but since we are on the topic, Thank you.

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All donations go to Sugar Labs, a non-profit .org
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