Boxes of Recycled USB Drives

Thames Lane sent a 12x12x12 sized box filed with two bags of USB flash drives. You can see the large donation from the picture below.

In addition to Mr Lane’s very nice contribution we also have a list of equally as important folks who put in the time and effort to recycle USB flash drives for a good cause.

Here is some interesting information for those who believe in positive synergy. One person who donated a flash drive is Jessica Rienzi. This young lady also publishes books you can purchase from Amazon. If I get my Amazon link correct, this should take you to Jessica’s home page on Amazon with the different books available.

Her Bio:

Jessica Rienzi is a young author that has been writing since elementary school. She has completed her Bachelor of Science Degree from Berkeley College in three years. Now working as a Teacher’s Assistant for special needs kids, she spends most of her spare time continuing to write stories for children and young readers-if not at the gym. Residing in New Jersey, she does many activities such as drawing/creating artwork, and photography. Learning about new things is what keeps her mind going when it comes to creating new stories that everyone will enjoy.

recycle USB drives, bulk

recycled USB drives, bulk

The full list of people who recycled USB drives between our last post and today:

  • Thomas Lane – Santa Rosa, CA
  • Jessica Del Rio – San Francisco, CA
  • Rich Falker – Milton DE
  • ??? – Cincinnati, OH
  • ??? – Oceanside, CA
  • Jessica Rienzi – Garfield, NJ
  • Rich Sherman – Santa Monica, CA
  • Michael Stevenson – Georgetown, SC
  • Danielle Miele – Franklin, TN
  • Andy Kunze – Duluth, MN
  • South St. Paul Public Library System – South St. Paul, MN

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Thank you!

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All donations go to Sugar Labs, a non-profit .org
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